Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Stavanger Food Festival

I was so lucky to be invited by a new found friend  Neneth ( Marie's sister ) to stay at her house in Sadnes Stavanger to attend  the Food Festival. 

Stavanger is the third largest urban area of Norway. Every year Gladmat Festival as the local calls it, is the largest food festival in Scandinavia's. It  is attended by thousands visitors to Stavanger, Fjord Norway it is usually celebrated for 4 days. I was in a right place at the right time I could say, I had a chance to  attend my first ever food festival abroad.

The festival is location is by the docks, the view of the fjords is just beautiful. Offering an arena for worldwide consumers of different cuisines and local as well as international food producers to the festival is a great place to discover niche newest products, to sample local ingredients and get the taste on the latest culinary trends. 

Thank you to my host Mr And Mrs Løtoft for accomodating me and for the wonderful Scandinavia's food festival experience. 

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