Thursday, 17 July 2014

Flåm Flåmsbana Train and its Picturesque View

The Flam train experience is the most scenic train route in Norway and is also one of the steepest railway line in the world on normal tracks. The train starts from Flåm to Myrdal or vice versa. Flåm railway experience attracts  people from different parts of the world, it is regarded as the Norways spectacular attraction. It is one of the world's most attractive and spectacular railway lines, that provides a panoramic view of Norwegian mountain landscape, rivers, fjords and beautiful waterfalls cascading down the steep mountain side.
Flåm is situated in the inner most corner of the Aurlandsfjord a branch of Sognefjord the world's longest fjord.

Join me on my experience in Flåm Train journey through the picturesque view.

On our way to Flåm we passed the longest tunnel in Norway the Lærdalstunnelen its 26 kilometers long.


Bakli Tunnel

The train stopped midway to Myrdal at the exit of Bakli Tunnel and we had 5 minutes to take photos with the grandeur of Kjos falls in Kjosfossen , free fall of 93 meters / 305 feet high.

The Kjos Falls


The Rallarvegen Road  it has 21 sharp bends zigzagging up towards the Myrdal Mountain. 

After Flåm we continued our scenic road trip to Oda heading to the famous Langfoss falls.

The Langfoss Falls is the 5th highest falls in Norway with drop of 612 meters situated in Ākrafjords and it was voted the most beautiful falls in the world

The Flåmsbana Flåm Railway is the best experience to see the wonderful view of the most spectacular landscapes of Norway. This activity is highly recommended to everyone.

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