Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Split along Marjan Peninsula

When I was planning my Balkan Adventure I never heard about Split, the only reason I included on my itinerary is because it's in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Travelling around Croatia through public transport is easy. From Šibenik its only 2 hours bus ride. The journey was good and the view of the olive farms, mountains and the seaview is  stunningly beautiful. We reached Split about 5pm and from the  Autobusni Kolodvor Split its only 15 minutes  walked to  Hostel Emanuel  where im staying. The hostel was cool, colourful and funky, I was in a mixed dormitory sharing with Koreans girls and  Chinese lads.

Split is known as the second largest city in Croatia, and the largest city in Dalmatia County. It is situated on the Adriatic coast in Dalmatia along Marjan peninsula which is surrounded by the islands of Hvar, Brac, Crovo and Solta peninsula. It is also considered the second largest port and the centre of the archdiocese and  Croatian Navy.

Split is  one of the oldest city in the Dalmatia area, there's no doubt about that, A good example is The famous Diocletian's Palace ( Croatian: Dioklecijijanova Palača ) is a historical complex of Split, an ancient palace built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in preparation for his retirement. The Palace is built of white local limestone with high quality marble, it represents the most valuable example of Roman Architecture on the eastern coast of the Adriatic. The historical complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian is in UNESCO heritage list, along with   Porta Argentea ( Silver Gate ) situated on the eastern side which gives access to the Peristyle and on the opposite side is the Church of St Dominic, Porta Aurea ( Golden Gate ) is located to the north, at this point on the left side you can see Agubio Palace and to the right is the Papalic Palace with Gothic Architecture, then Porta Ferrea (Iron Gate ), to the west is the Cindro Palace considered the most beautiful baroque style palace.

Changing Guards

Reenactment of  the Roman Emperor

Getting lost along the winding cobblestone alleyways of this historical sites gives you the feeling as if you've been transported to the past. Those well preserved ruins is just beautiful, if you want a birds eye view  of the whole town and don't mind heights just head off to the St Dominus Bell Tower its 60 meters high. Getting up to the top isnt easy but the view is spectacular. Looking down to the old houses red rooftops is just wonderful, and the view of the  boats, yatch by the marina and Riva promenade is just stunning. Whenever you look from left to right is so picturesque, I was clicking away my camera every inch of the gorgeous panoramic view.

In the evening I went for stroll along the marina and head off to the Marjan hill for more scenic view of the whole town at night, its only 15 minutes hike up to the hill with concrete stairs way up to the top. The view is magnificently beautiful, watched the sunset and as the twinkling lights slowly comes on from the buildings, cafes and the light house, it gives an additional romantic feeling. Just sat by the bench and contemplate and enjoy the view or have a nice drink at the café bar is so relaxing after the hike up the hill, then walk down along the Riva waterfront the view  towards the old city is beautiful and you'll find rows of restaurant, cafes and bars,have a cocktail or two isnt a bad idea either to end up a lovely evening.

Travel Cost

Accommodation Hostel Emanuel = 115 kuna / £11.50 per night
Bus Šibenik- Split = 70 kuna/ £ 7.00
Luggage compartment fee= 10 kuna/£1.00
Bell Tower Entrance= 15 kuna/£1.50
Lunch= from70-120 kuna/£7.00-£12.00
Dinner= from 100-350 kuna/£10.00-£35.00

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  1. Hey there.
    Great post and some magical photos.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Its my pleasure sharing it, and its good you like it. Thanks

  2. Thanks for sharing! I'm SO KEEN to go to Croatia, reading all I can about the destination:)

    1. Croatia is beautiful you should go and visit. There arr so explore many places to explore.

  3. I've been to Split twice and the first time it was magical and the second hot and crowded! Your pictures make me want to return and see the magical aspect of it again!

    1. Croatia is becoming a trending holiday spot recently, and yes you are right sometimes it can get crowded, but I just ignored the crowed and get loss on my wandering admiring its beauty

  4. I was in Split many years ago and loved it. You have inspired me to go back. Fantastic pics too.