Thursday, 31 July 2014

I Got Nominated For Liebster Award

What is a Liebster Award?

This award is given to the new bloggers with 200 followers or less. Anneklien's Solo Travels  only started this year 2014 and has 129 followers  on My Facebook Page. Liebster awards are given out only by nominations from fellow bloggers.
I was luckily nominated by as one of their choosen  favourite newbie bloggers.

Liebster Rule:

1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
2. Answer eleven question that the blogger gives you.
3. Give eleven random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate eleven blogs that you think are deserving of the award ( with less than 200 followers)
5. Let the blogger know you have nominated them.
6. Give them eleven questions to answer.

11 Questions to Answer:

1. How many countries have you visited?

I have been to France, Italy, Amsterdam, Canada, Prague, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Belgium, Norway and I'm here Croatia while answering this.

2. Scariest thing that happened while traveling?

I was in a UK local Roadtrip along the M5 motorway when I saw a whole truck blazing on fire.

3. What inspired you to start blogging?

I started writing a diary blog that was way back 2009 just this year 2014  when I read loads of travel blogs on  facebooks, those amazing photos inspired me to go on my solo travels and starts my travel blog too.

4. What is your preferred transportation when traveling? i.e. car, train, airplane

I prefer by car you can just randomly stop whenever I see a nice view and capture with my camera. It's either the scenery or my selfie.  I cant resist the natures beauty. 

5. What is the craziest thing you’ve eaten during your travels?

Im originally from the Philippines so there's lots of unusual exotic food we have back home like BALUT it is an unhatch duckegg which is boiled it's deliciously good ( not for the faint stomach), there's stir fried crickets or in adobo flavour and the long list goes on.

6. Dream destination?

My dream destinations would be in South American hiking the Inca trail, Camel Ride in Egypt along the Pyramids of Giza , Elephant Ride in Asia and visiting the 7 Wonders of the World, and  the long list goes on, in short I want to travel around the World. 

7. Do you speak more than 1 language? If so, what?

I speak Ilocano a local dialect from the Northern part of the Philippines, Tagalog national language of the Philippines and English.
I understand abit of basic Spanish because Philippines was colonised by the spaniards for 100 years. 

8. Prefer to travel alone or with someone else?

I discovered Solo Travelling just recently and I love it, best way to travel  you can do your own thing at your own pace and not compromising with others, I enjoyed Solo travelling while waiting for my lifetime travel buddy but for now I got travelling buddy bear.

9. What is the hardest part of traveling for you?

Packing as for all girls I supposed, different outfit with matching shoes to go with and not to mention little bags and accessories too.

10. Do you keep a budget while traveling?

Yes I do allocate budgets most for my travels, but if it's a weekend get away I'll just splurge. 

11. Do you have a favorite song that reminds you of travel?

My recent travel in Norway, my friend Marie plays her CD when driving one song stucks on my head  "what does the fox say"  its also sang by a Norwegian brothers. 

Give 11 Random Facts about yourself

1. My real name is Meryan, my friends call me Meanne and my pen name is Anneklien.

2. Im a full time Nurse and part time traveller.

3. I was born and raised in the Philippines but spent most my adult life  here in England UK.

4. Im the youngest out of 5 siblings, maybe a brat too lol.

5. I like composing poems when inspired.

6. I got a travelling buddy bear called ASHA.

7. I love to visit  places which is in UNESCO's World Heritage List, I just love old buildings and history.

8. My first ever flight experience was in 2001 at the age of 24.

9. I love shoes( I can't count how many pairs I got  ) Remember Imelda Marcos not close to her collections but getting there lol.

10. Recently discovered Solo Travelling and I'm loving the freedom it gives.

11. My ultimate dream is to travel around the World from A to Z.

My 11 Nominations:

2. Wandering Avena
3. Women Who Love Travel
4. Intrepidus Tours
5. Big Travel Nut
6. Week at the Beach
7. Why Am I different
8. Start Wandering
9.The Whole World is a Playground

I only found 9 to nominate, its so hard to choose bloggers whos got 200 or less followers on the Facebook page.

11 Questions to answer

1. When did you start blogging?
2. What sort of blog do you write?
3. Which do you prefer  B&b,  hostels or luxury hotels?
4. What are your 2 essential gadgets when travelling?
5. How do you get intouch with families back home?
6. Which seat do you prefer aisle or wing?
7. Backpack or suitcase?
8. When travelling do you go to restaurants or fastfood?
9. How do you choose your travel destination?
10. Do you fly First class or Economy?
11. What's your best travel adventure?

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Hostel Emanuel in Split Croatia

I Arrived at Split bus station about 5 pm, went straight to Hostel Emanuel its about 15 minutes walk from the station thanks to my  gps. I choose this hostel because I was impressed by the colourful bunkbeds, it looks very clean and the distance from the old town was very near.

The check in was quick and efficient,  the man in the reception was pleasant he quickly checked my passport,  showed me around, gave me my locker key and towel. I was in a mix dormitory type room and was sharing with Koreans and Chinese we called it Asian Room among my roomies. I wasn't disappointed with my hostel choice, it has live up to my expectation and from the photo advertisement it was thesame. Its very clean  and I love the funky colourful bed,  its totally different from the ordinary bunkbed,  good wifi, with air conditioned and friendly staff. The girl who does the morning shift was very friendly and chatty, we were talking about travels, Croatia's beautiful cities and the difference of people characteristics from different Croatian Regions, it was fascinating informations.
In the morning theres coffee machine from espresso, cappuccino, coffee, tea and chocolate donut it was yummy and its free. Over all my experience in Hostel Emanuel was good, its centrally located and near the bus station. I will come back again in this hostel when im in Split and will definitely recommend this place to my friends and other travellers.

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Disclaimer: My reviews and recommendations is my own personal opinion.

Split along Marjan Peninsula

When I was planning my Balkan Adventure I never heard about Split, the only reason I included on my itinerary is because it's in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Travelling around Croatia through public transport is easy. From Šibenik its only 2 hours bus ride. The journey was good and the view of the olive farms, mountains and the seaview is  stunningly beautiful. We reached Split about 5pm and from the  Autobusni Kolodvor Split its only 15 minutes  walked to  Hostel Emanuel  where im staying. The hostel was cool, colourful and funky, I was in a mixed dormitory sharing with Koreans girls and  Chinese lads.

Split is known as the second largest city in Croatia, and the largest city in Dalmatia County. It is situated on the Adriatic coast in Dalmatia along Marjan peninsula which is surrounded by the islands of Hvar, Brac, Crovo and Solta peninsula. It is also considered the second largest port and the centre of the archdiocese and  Croatian Navy.

Split is  one of the oldest city in the Dalmatia area, there's no doubt about that, A good example is The famous Diocletian's Palace ( Croatian: Dioklecijijanova Palača ) is a historical complex of Split, an ancient palace built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in preparation for his retirement. The Palace is built of white local limestone with high quality marble, it represents the most valuable example of Roman Architecture on the eastern coast of the Adriatic. The historical complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian is in UNESCO heritage list, along with   Porta Argentea ( Silver Gate ) situated on the eastern side which gives access to the Peristyle and on the opposite side is the Church of St Dominic, Porta Aurea ( Golden Gate ) is located to the north, at this point on the left side you can see Agubio Palace and to the right is the Papalic Palace with Gothic Architecture, then Porta Ferrea (Iron Gate ), to the west is the Cindro Palace considered the most beautiful baroque style palace.

Changing Guards

Reenactment of  the Roman Emperor

Getting lost along the winding cobblestone alleyways of this historical sites gives you the feeling as if you've been transported to the past. Those well preserved ruins is just beautiful, if you want a birds eye view  of the whole town and don't mind heights just head off to the St Dominus Bell Tower its 60 meters high. Getting up to the top isnt easy but the view is spectacular. Looking down to the old houses red rooftops is just wonderful, and the view of the  boats, yatch by the marina and Riva promenade is just stunning. Whenever you look from left to right is so picturesque, I was clicking away my camera every inch of the gorgeous panoramic view.

In the evening I went for stroll along the marina and head off to the Marjan hill for more scenic view of the whole town at night, its only 15 minutes hike up to the hill with concrete stairs way up to the top. The view is magnificently beautiful, watched the sunset and as the twinkling lights slowly comes on from the buildings, cafes and the light house, it gives an additional romantic feeling. Just sat by the bench and contemplate and enjoy the view or have a nice drink at the café bar is so relaxing after the hike up the hill, then walk down along the Riva waterfront the view  towards the old city is beautiful and you'll find rows of restaurant, cafes and bars,have a cocktail or two isnt a bad idea either to end up a lovely evening.

Travel Cost

Accommodation Hostel Emanuel = 115 kuna / £11.50 per night
Bus Šibenik- Split = 70 kuna/ £ 7.00
Luggage compartment fee= 10 kuna/£1.00
Bell Tower Entrance= 15 kuna/£1.50
Lunch= from70-120 kuna/£7.00-£12.00
Dinner= from 100-350 kuna/£10.00-£35.00

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Highlights Of My Balkan Adventure

Monday, 28 July 2014

Sibenik Croatia My Hostel Experience

We arrived in Šibenik about 12:15pm then went straight to look for Hostel Mare where im staying for the  night. The hostels online direction was very precise it was only 10-15 minutes walked from the Autobusni Kolodvor Šibenik, soon I was by the reception I arrived 30 minutes before the check in time so I just sat by the lounge and automatically connected to the free wifi while  waiting for the room to be ready, Check in was quick just showed my passport and they gave me towel and key for my locker, the room was ok with 4 bunkbeds, im sharing it with 3 young ladies in their early twenties Andrea Michelle and Olivia from Texas USA and 2 lads from Denmark.
The weather outside isn't that nice its pouring rain so I catch up with some sleep, I only had 4 hours last night. I will go for a wander later. I had a couple of hours sleep and was woken up refresh, the rain has stopped and the sun is shinning so I decided to went for a stroll along Šibenik Old Town and it does remind me of Venice Italy the building structures resembles it the only missing is the canals instead it was laid with cobblestone alleyways.
On my second day Me, Michelle, Andrea and Olivia went to Krka National Park, from Nimo's instruction to go to the bus station and catch a bus going to Skradin that will take us to the ferry boat to Krka. A more or less 30 minutes journey we were in Skradin, bought our bus ticket 48 kn from Šibenik bus station to Skradin and the national park ticket cost 110 kn.
Thank you to my roomates Andrea, Michelle and Olivia I had wonderful time in Krka.
To the management of Hostel Mare they are great host  Katharina and Nimo. This hostel is highly recommended to all travellers of all ages. It's 10 minutes walk from the bus station and just cross the road to the old town. Centrally located hostel and I had a bliss time in Šibenik.

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Disclaimer: Any recommendations and reviews are my own personal opinion.

Šibenik Croatia... Old Town and Krka Falls

From Zadar bus terminal I bought a bus ticket to Šibenik  it only cost 56 kuna and 7 kuna extra  charge for the luggage compartment, it's about 1 1/2 hour travel with free wifi on board and beautiful scenery it was a good journey.

As soon as I arrived at Šibenik Bus Station, went straight to find Hostel Mare, I quickly found the place its only 10 minutes walk from the station and just across the road from Old Town. I was early before the check in time so I just sat by the lounge while waiting for the room to be ready I was immediately connected to the wifi. Check in was quick, Nimo checked my passport, gave me my key and towel. I settled myself in my room with air conditioning, I was sharing with 2 lads from Denmark and 3 girls from Texas ( Andrea, Michelle and Olivia ) lovely bunch of girls. It was raining out so I decided to catched up with some sleep, I only had 4 hours sleep from the previous night. After a couple of hours I woke up refresh and I quickly changed and decided to wander around Old Town, as it turned out lovely evening and the sun is shinning.

St. Michael Cathedral

St.  Michael Cathedral is in UNESCO's World Heritage List. The left entrance door is where  the Adam and Eve statue. 

St.  Lawrence Garden

St Michael Fortress

On my second day Me, Michelle, Andrea and Olivia went to Krka National Park, from Nimo's instruction that we need to go to the bus station and catch a bus going to Skradin bought a bus ticket for 48 kuna, A more or less 30 minutes journey, and when we reached Skradin we bought  ticket for the Krka National Park that cost 110 kuna with free ferry boat ride to take us to the park. We arrived at the park after 20 minutes ferry ride.

Visiting Śibenik isnt complete without experiencing Krka. Krka  National Park is extremely beautiful, the magnificent falls cascading  on the side of the mountain that flows down to the river. I was so lucky  to swim along with other travellers and visitors. It was a lovely feeling close to nature, fresh air, what a spectacular view, the feeling of satisfaction it gives is just indescribable. When visiting Krka bring a pair of bikini and take a dip to the inviting waterfall river. This experience is highly recommended. Theres also walking, hiking trails to explore the whole park.

Let me take you to my wonderful Krka Adventure through the photos.

Travel Cost below:

Zadar-Šibenik Bus = 56 kuna/ £5.60
Luggage compartment fee =7 kuna / £0.70
Šibenik-Skradin bus = 48 kuna/ £4.80
Krka Park Entry fee = 110 kuna/ £11.00

Other blogger has inspired me to travel solo and experience the best places, activities and meet new people/friends along the way. I hope my blog will inspire others too. Browsing photos of beautiful places uploaded online by other travellers urged me to travel more. Come and join me to my discoveries to different places on my future travels.

Have you ever thought of travelling solo? What's stopping you? Any hesitation? Follow me on my Solo travel adventures and let me inspires you to travel solo and start your own amazing journey.

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