Sunday, 20 July 2014

24 hours in Charming Bergen City Norway

Bergen get away Me, Marie and baby Hanna took the Norled Cruising boat from Skånevik at 9:40am to Bergen, its about 3 hours cruised with  free wifi on board. Plenty of time to take in the beautiful fjords as well as the spectacular seascapes, islets and the mountain view. Its the best experience for photographers, lot of opportunity to snap those postcard view of Norway's  magnificent Fjords.


We reached Bergen about 12:40pm and went straight to the hotel its 15 minutes walked from the City Center or locally called Centrum, we left my luggage in the Grand Hotel Terminus  and off we went for a wander around the Centrum and we came across to the Fish Market it is right in the heart of the city, and is regarded as the Norways most visited outdoor market,  and it's the best place to sample the fresh catched seafoods by the locals, those appetising fish, crabs, kingprawns and lobsters we decided to have lunch there. We also had a chance to watch how they season the Norwegian Salmon next to our table, nothing more authentic than that, with the fjords and the old wooden houses view its perfect.


After lunch we went for a walk along the old wharf in Bryggen its UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. Those wooden houses and buildings dates back from 18th to 19th centuries, they are well restored that adds to the city's uniqueness. Stroll along the alleyways and cobblestone streets as if exploring the place from the past. Bryggen is the old wharf of Bergen, a reminder of the importance as a part of Hanseatic League's trading empire from the 14th till the mid 16th  century.

In the evening we went to try the Fløibanen Funicular Experience, its a few minutes ride from the city center taking you to the top of Mt Fløyen over looking the city's sourounding area. Taking in the views while gazing down Bergen City, or  just sit in a peace and quiet while waiting for the sunset. I took loads of photos snapping away my camera with the spectacular view while the sun was setting. Best place to watch the sunset theres something romantic about this place. Its highly recommended for solo, couples or families who are visiting Bergen and best time to go is evening, theres also a cafe at the top and souvenir shop too.

My 24 hours visit is not enough to explore Bergen and other islands nearby , I recommend to stay for 2 nights or so and have more time to explore the charming city of Bergen.

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