Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Fleet Pub in Twyning

It's officially Summer, Sun is shinning so bright,feeling the heat and its getting warmer each day. Its a good excuse to spend sometime in a pub. Its been almost a year now when an old man I met in a pub in Tirley who recommended  The Fleet Pub in Twyning one of the Wadworth pub branch, its about time to give it a visit. Its a short drive from Cheltenham about 25 minutes, Me and Marie arrived in the pub and went straight to the bar. We ordered Kopparberg Cider with ice, a very refreshing drink, we also ordered rustic bread board- different types of bread served with butter garlic, olive oil & basalmic vinegar and sweet pickled onion. As soon as we had our drink we head out to the garden, its a lovely river view lots of peoples passing on their private boats, kayaks and ducks enjoying a puddle too. There's a play ground and kids are happily playing at the right far end of the pub grounds.


Private boat

The sun was so lovely, lots of people by the bar and by the garden. We soon found a nice corner table near the riverbank. 

Refreshing Drink

Bread Board

By the Garden

After we finished our drink, we decided to get inside the pub coz its getting chilly out. We then went by the bar and ordered another drink as well as dinner. We decided to order Bacon Kayurger it was served in a wooden board with salad, onion rings and tomato salsa. The burger was OK I have tasted better burger, nothing special about it.

Bacon Cheese Burger

Good conversation makes up for the food. Its good to catch up with a friend. It was a lovely day out.

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