Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Getting lost in the intertwined street of Bruges

My alarm woke me up at 9am, got up to check the weather hmmm looks gloomy outside but that doesn't stop me for my plan for a day trip to Bruges. I did dont know much about the place but the pictures I have seen online fascinates me so much, the architectural buildings is just WOW.

I left my place about 11:30 am and I found my way to Bruxelle Central Station, thanks to Google map and some local instructions along the way. I took the 12:00pm train to Oostende that cost me €28 return. The train times is good, and trains here are double deckers, there's area that the seats are like long sofa passengers are facing each others its very sociable I was in that cabin. I was amazed that even dogs have to pay for ticket, I was sat next to a lady with a dog name Rufos and she showed me the dogs ticket its 1/3 of normal adult price. As the train slowly moving, I got a big smile in my face another day another adventure for me. The train passed by Bruxelle Midi- Zuid, Gent Saint Pierre then my stop Bruges and train final stop Oostende. The journey takes about an hour. We reached Bruges about 1pm, I then went straight to a shop to buy drinks and sandwich to take out on my stroll.

As soon as I got out from the Centrum Bruges station I saw a sign and mounted map just across the road. I took a picture of the map and off I went to explore Bruges. No actual map at hand just my instinct and tourist sign post I'm determined to get lost admiring the scenic and beautiful architectural buildings of this place. My master map was the sky, ever time I see a sphere I follow the way towards it and  I stumbled along the Belfry of Bruges it was the market hall in the past and every Wednesday there's a flower market or local produce held there. As I look around the square a bench caught my eye there two local old ladies sat so I went there and joined them, its a good place to eat my sandwich, soon as I finished my lunch I chatted to the ladies and they are giving me information about the square , the biggest building I've been told its the Governors building , then just in front of us is the Belfry or Belfort. They also given me tips where to go and what to do. It was lovely and informative chatting to the locals.

Bruges is the capital  and largest city in the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It is one of UNESCO World Heritage Site, sourounded by an almost continuous ring of canals and considered the best  and well preseved example of medieval  Flanders,  a picture perfect and known "The Venice of the North.
The Bruges Square (Grote markt) is the heart of medieval Bruges. In the center is a statue of Jan Breydel and Pieter de Coninck, of the Battle of the Golden Spurs in 1302 . The Northern side of the square displays the old medieval style houses. The roofs look like stepping stairs to the clouds, and its charming colours . To the west is the Provincial Court - or they call the Governors Building was built in the neoclassical-gothic style this is very enchanting architectural building. On the Southern side is the Belfry tower- its a beautiful place to go overlooking around Bruges. On the east side are array of restaurants below and on top are  local residence  and others are hotels. Admiring the Flemish masterpieces of art and architecture, wander along the rambling cobblestone alleys streets, the amazing window display by the chocolate shops on each and every corner, and lots of beer shops from left to right.

I continued my walk to the next square where I found the Basilica of the Holy Blood, I went and and seen the Holy blood I offered a candle and a went to pray by the altar.

Then went around to wander and I spotted a boat that goes around the Bruges canal ( the Venice of the North ) so I decided to hop on, it was a lovely experience and lots of photos taken.

A photo essay of my lovely and amazing day trip in Bruges. Words isn't enough to describe how beautiful it is. A wonderful day getting lost in the intertwined streets of Bruges was a magnificent experienced.

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