Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Ashleworth Road Trip

Its a beautiful sunny day. After I finished work, I head home and change to a comfortable outfit for a short road trip to Ashleworth. A quick stop to petrol station to grab some snack and I'm ready to get lost and have some photo adventure.
Its a short drive from Cheltenham only takes 25 minutes and I was in beautiful scenic view of Ashleworth. The fields is laid with rapeseed - magnificent yellow flower everywhere.

Road to adventure

What a view 

Ashleworth Court

Picnic area


Topping up my suntan

Picnic time

After my quick snack by the riverside, I drove another 10  minutes to see one of ancient monument the Oddas Chapel, It was 6 pm already so the place was closed, I walked around and find a church nearby, green meadows with public walking path.

Enjoying the scenery

What a lovely photo adventure day. Let the UK summer sunshine begins and lots of random road trips for sure.

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