Thursday, 22 May 2014

Antwerp Belgium....My Fabulous Birthday Celebration in Antwerp

It's Thursday May 22 my birthday. It's my lazy day I did plan to have a long lie in, its been  busy and long days gallivanting for the past 4 days so I didn't set my alarm, the natural light of the sun wokes me up . I was up about 10 am  and I was  ready in an hour time  for my Antwerp day trip. 

From my bnb to the Bruxelle Central station is a good 15- 20 minutes walk. Went to get my ticket which cost me €14 about an hour journey. I was puzzled how cheap it was compared to the Bruges train ticket, but I was told that lots of people goes to work in Antwerp that's why they make it affordable for the locals daily journey.

Before I went to the flatform 5, I quickly grab a cappuccino and double chocolate & cream bread to keep me going for the day. The train left at 11:57 am and we were in Antwerp Central about 1:05 pm. I have read that the station is one of the most beautiful and well preserved Train Station around Europe.

It was lunch time and was hungry by the time we reached Antwerp. As I got out from the station I've seen lots of restaurant and went to Boston Steak House just outside the station it has lots of customers eating there so it must be good place so I went,  I've ordered Rump Steak served with salad on the side and coke. While I was waiting they serve the usual bread and butter, then came my medium rare steak, it was nice and juicy the fries was nicely done. The service was quick and the food was deliciously good. 

After finishing lunch I went for my wanders. I came across the busy shopping area of Antwerp its a long road of magnificent, beautifully well preserved buildings of high street shops and designers boutique name. I was clicking away my camera, normally when I pass shops I go inside but the building structures more fascinates me these time so I continue my walk till I stumble to the  Antwerp Grote Markt. It was a lovely sunny day so I stop for a nice kriek drink. Then went around to St Paul's.

My photo essay of my Fabulous Antwerp Birthday Celebration.

I caught the 7pm train back to Brussels and I was sat next to a Canadian Lady who's also travelling on her own, we chatted and talked about life and travel plans, she visited her son who's studying in Amsterdam and she decided to travel around Brussels and Germany. We didn't realise we  arrived in Bruxelle Central just before 8pm, the train we took was the fast train. As soon as I got home I had a quick shower and I was ready to go out for my Birthday Dinner. I have read about a restaurant in the Royal Galleries Saint Hubert building the Le Marmiton its a Belgian-French cuisine. I've heard its the hangout of the famous local celebrities , it's my birthday so I'm treating myself to a fine dinning. I was greeted by the waiter and given me the option where I want to be seated, I tried the alfresco but soon I changed my mind and moved inside instead, I wasn't disappointed  its nice and cozy inside, it looks posh as stated in Gazette its Brussels local magazine. I ordered Kirk Royal then I had Carbonnades Flamandes/ Stoverji served with frites and side salad. The food was excellent , on the table next to mine was a UK local actor  his one of the cast in Misfits he was very nice and approachable we had photos together when we left the restaurant. It was a nice evening rubbing elbow with the celebrities. I was gonna head home but Delirium Village was on my way so I went for a couple of fruit beers. I was sat by the bar when a Canadian man Liam approached me and we started chatting, he was on a business trip ( an Aviation engineer ) and he said his best friend is a Filipino they grew up together, then we talked about travels and interest and plans in life. It's funny he tried to speak some Tagalog words and mentioned lots of Filipino food, the night went so quick when your with interesting people. About 2 am when we left the bar after one two many beers, Kriek, Floris and shots. We went home a bit tipsy and happy.

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