Monday, 7 April 2014

Family Day out @ Playa Tropical

Summertime feeling the scorching heat of the sun wanting me to soak in the beach or by the pool, its good that the kids enjoys  to go swimming. We decided to have a family day out, we drove up north to Curimao Ilocos Norte, and at the same time  I'm meeting  my friend Gina and her family from Marcos Ilocos Norte in Playa Tropical Resort. We set off late about 12:30 pm it was an hour drive and we arrived about 1:30 pm, we had lunch at the resort in Amarra Cafe its an alfresco style dining , lunch was delicious we ordered seafoods- grilled squid stuffed with tomato and onions, seafood mix sweet and sour, nilagang baka (beef stew ), sizzling mix seafood, whole roast chicken, and  chopsuey. Tummy was full and satisfied. Kids was excited to go for a puddle.

Just after lunch we moved by the swimming pool area where the cottages lined up by the poolside. The infinity pool view was magnificent. The floating cottages and villa looks lovely. The kids enjoyed swimming, and of course the picture taking. Beating summer heat lazing by the pool is splendid, while spending time with my nephews and niece  is more than perfect. Life is a bliss when time is spent with family.

I enjoyed the time in Playa Tropical, the kids are ecstatic with their experience at the resort. The kids can't wait for their next swimming adventures.

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