Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My Travelling Buddy Bear Photo Essay in Shanghai & Philippines March-April 2014

My travelling buddy bear's first ever vacation trip. I'm taking him to the Philippines with stop over in Shanghai China. We took the National Express going to Heathrow T4 Airport, the coach was comfortable, after an hour and a half ride we arrived in Heathrow- we drop  off checked in luggage and collected our boarding pass and off we go to the VIP lounge and sneakpeak up to the viewing deck, we had 3 hours till boarding time, so have plenty of time to laze around and people watch. Our departure time is 9pm DST local time.


Heathrow T4 Viewing Deck

We arrived in Pudong International Airport in Shanghai at 4pm. We went through the Customs and had our passport stamped for transit visa. We drop our hand luggage trolley in the airport locker room and off we go to stroll downtown Shanghai. We purchase a Maglev Card that includes  the fast train from the airport to Longyang Rd then connecting Metro trains to Shanghai valid for 24 hours.

Puddong Airport in Shanghai

SMT- fast train 300km/hr

Buddy bear with Maglev card

Inside the train

Let's have a break 

Downtown Shanghai

Selfie at Pearl Tower

At Metro Station 

We landed in Ninoy Aquino International Airport 1 (NAIA 1)  at 4am, the airport is quiet so was collecting the luggage's in no time. Off we went to a fun filled vacation awaiting ahead of us. 

Cooling off with refreshing icetea

Lazying with a good book

At Playa Tropical Currimao I.Norte

Enjoying the Sunshine

Bamboo rafting experience 

At Kapururawan Burgos I. Norte

Jollibee Time yummy chicken joy

Was a fun filled vacation first time with my travelling buddy bear but for sure not the last. Next destination is booked Belgium here we come our  May Fever Travel...

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