Saturday, 12 April 2014

Picnic by the Riverside Pond

I was invited  by my  friend Mely to go to  a picnic at Cabitaogan Sta. Catalina by her fish pond. She warned me to wear slippers and I asked why, the picnic venue needs to crossed a river, that excites  me- using a bamboo raft to cross the river something I was looking forward.

On the following day .... Hurray its picnic day by the riverside-pond. I was tagging along my  nephews CJ and JB, AJ my niece and  sisters Flor and Jhell together with Paul my brother in law. We took the tricycle driven by my Paul. We drop by at my friend  Nora's house, she's our guide to the riverside or else I haven't got any clue where it is. Its a short scenic drive about 10 minutes along the cornfield then the stretch river on the left side. The kids was ecstatic when they see the river and bamboo raft, I warned them to behave while crossing the river or else they might fall. The tricks did work well. I got 3 behave kids.

Nipa Hut along the river bank
Me and the kids crossing the river
 bamboo rafting ride

Enjoying the Sun

As soon as we reached the other riverbank side, we were greeted by a familiar face Ate Mely, there were already visitors when we arrived her relatives and friends. What a beautiful scenery, river on the right side and ponds on the left. It was a gorgeous sunny day and fresh breeze good timing for a picnic.

Kids getting off 

Other side of the riverbank 

Me by the bamboo bridge

Sumptuous lunch is served, there was a big hog roast and its yummy crackling, king prawn, grilled Tilapia fish, there's also Dinardaraan ( a pork dish cooked in pigs blood) and Kaldereta ( a goats meat ). 

A beautiful day out spent with the company lovely people. Thank you Ate Mely and Kuya Marcelino for the great picnic experience.

With Ate Mely & Kuya Marcelino

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