Thursday, 27 March 2014

Joyride to Ilocos Norte

It was unplanned day out to Norte, the sun was shining, oh what a glorious day. The road going up north is smooth unlike couple of years back its a rough road, from Ilocos Sur to Norte is a 2 hours drive. We reached Paoay just in time for lunch and we went to Herencia Restaurant, its famous for its Pinakbet Pizza located just in front of Paoay Church. The food was delish we ordered bagnet ( deepfried big piece of pork and cut into bite size and  served with onion tomato & anchovy ) mix seafood chop suey with vegetables and Sinigang na Malaga ( a sour soup fish stew ). A sumptuous lunch we all enjoyed. Special thanks to Mike for paying our delicious lunch.

Just after lunch, we walk across the road to Paoay Church the oldest church in Norte. After a short visita Iglesa  and lots of picture taking then we decided to go to Barangay Kapururawan its about 30-45 minutes short drive.

Kapurpurawan in Burgos Ilocos Norte  it is  where the famous White Rocks Formation is located. Its a seaside area, the view is magnificent, the place is about 20-30 minutes walk on the footpath trekking or horse ride trek- we opted for the horse ride adventure it cost 100 pesos, the horse guide are all friendly and they are not only guides but can be personal photographers too he he he ( we had group pictorial and the outcome wasn't bad at all ) this activity is highly recommended.

After this activity we drove back to Paoay area for the Sand Dune 4x4 truck Adventure, its almost sunset when we reached there. A truck rent with driver cost 1500 pesos for 30 mins or 2500 pesos for 1 hour plus sand boarding, we only had the 30 mins. The activity was fun and scary, some are smooth ride when on a flat area but when its on top of the hill and suddenly goes down or up its exhilarating and scary its good for adrenalin junkies. The view on top of the dunes plus beautiful sunset is undescribable- the crimson skyline . The best ever experience I had so far. We had lots of picture taken, silhouette to  jumps shot it was fun.

Activities like these are fun but when shared with friends, its more extra especial. Thank you to Michelle,Wendy ( best driver), Sherany, Glen and the kids Mica & Mico.

Fun and good company. I truly enjoyed the Joyride.

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