Friday, 7 March 2014

Evening out in Swindon U.K

Sunshine in a lovely spring day , its a good day for a road trip. The timing was perfect Me and Josh decided to meet up in Swindon. I was working early shift and as soon as I finished work I drove down to Swindon. Its was a heavy traffic driving down to Swindon at rush hour and I hated it. I was an hour late meeting up with Josh but its good he didn't mind waiting, I think that was a good thing, me and time doesn't go together I think. But hey I arrived in Swindon, the only good thing is driving along the countryside, the sunset was beautiful like picture perfect in a postcard. Josh decided for us to go to Swindon old town... I kept telling to him nothing much to see in Swindon, but its good we didn't go there for stroll, its more of an evening drink. 

We came across to this nice and cozy restaurant called Cakes and Ale along the Devizes street in old Town Swindon ( cakes for me and ale's for Josh) as recommended by a local we met by the car park. We found this place and they are famous with their freshly bake breads/cakes. As we entered to this place were greeting by a smile and friendly face of the staff and we were seated by the window. As I look around the restaurant has a very quirky and rustic display, cake stand by the windowsill, it has a good atmosphere. Menus was handed to us, I ordered cappuccino and Josh ordered Gem Bath's ale which has a rich aroma of hops and malt with deep bittersweet taste. As they are well known with their bread,we tried the bread selection it came with four dips the usual butter, olive oil & balsamic vinegar, and red chillie paste and garlic dip, it was nice my favourite dip was the chillie and garlic dip. Josh like his ales so he tried another local Bath Ale called Wild Hare it has a fresh citrus hoppy aroma and a dry bitter finish.

An evening spent with good chat and giggles  we didnt realised the time, time flies so quick when your having a good time. I never laugh so hard and enjoyed a company of a tall, hunky ,handsome with good sense of humour man ( whole package in one ). Its good to catch up with a good friend.

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