Friday, 21 March 2014

Shanghai Stop over

Its 4pm in the afternoon when we landed in Pudong International Airport Shanghai China and we have 7 hours lay over, so me and sally (  Filipina I've  met on the plane)  decided to go and see abit of Shanghai. We went through the customs and they've given us a transit visa, after we gone thru the customs, we went to look for a luggage lockers- we asked to the airport employee from customs officer to guards and flight attendants what a stressful time just to find a luggage lockers towards the end we just roamed around the airport and we found it at last . Then  we went to look for the ticketing office for maglev card,we soon found it and  bought a Maglev day pass that cost 80 yuan, which includes a fast train airport link return ( SMT) and unlimited metro train and bus for 24 hours.

 The SMT

The Metro

Me & my travelling buddy bear in SMT

The SMT (Shanghai Maglev Trains) the fastest train in shainghai it run 300km/hr it's only 8 minutes from Pudong Airport to Longyang Road Station that was cool, then take a metro for Lujiazui where the famous Oriental Pearl Tower and the circle pedestrian fly over. The experience in metro is horrendous, it was rush hour and all the cabin is so full you can't even move, people are pushing each other just to get in, its like in a can of sardine ( not exaggerating it ) local people seem not bothered about it, I noticed most Chinese people are not friendly , abit  rude they speak a little English or no English at all - more of a sign language ( starts from the airline to Shanghai airport- the customer service isn't good as well  as the locals in public transport( some of these complaints are from american girl, German girl, and Italian guy I met on the plane and airport) ... For tourist like me the chinese locals need to learn English to communicate with the world.( or I am just use to British culture that's so soft and will say sorry to every little things).  I'm not being critical I may just be in the a wrong place in a wrong time???? I need to explore more to give  it another chance, maybe next time its better experience ..... Let's say Beijing next destination ....Mmm let's wait and see .

The Orient Pearl Tower

Sky scrapers buildings 

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