Friday, 27 June 2014

Call me a Traveller

Im not a Backpacker and I don't even own a own a backpack.... Some people will raise their eyebrows with this statement, oops dont call me hypocrite,Dont get me wrong I've known people who do backpacking, bragging about their adventure, meeting people and locals, a guy once told me I should try backpacking. Backpacking for me is congruent to hostels. Throughout my travelling I've never tried hostels, I'm not against hostel or anything but no single soul has convince me yet to try, but who knows maybe one day. Most of the time I stayed on hotels, B&b and recent discovery was the airbnb and would love to try couchsurfing too. It doesnt mean if im not a backpacker I won't experience the culture, food and meeting the locals, and enjoy exploring new places and its  unbeaten path, I will experience the same things coz I'm a Traveller. My experience with airbnb was unforgettable, speaking of meeting the locals this is the best adventure being accommodated by local people in the comfort of  their own home and with their first hand  tips where to go and what to see, sometimes they volunteer to tour you around and even cook you a local dish nothing is more authentic than this experience. 
I'm not stereotyping but I'm not a Backpacker I'm a Traveller. What are you ?

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