Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bewdley....An Afternoon in Poppy Fields

I have been planning to go driving around Bewdley to capture the beautiful field carpeted by majestic Poppies. Its the time of the year the poppies are in bloom. I mentioned to Paul and he wanted to come with me. So after his work we headed off to Bewdley. As we were approaching the Blackstone Farm Field I have spoted a hill that looks like its laid with  red carpet, I was in an awe to see up close with this spectacular field full of poppies. Im a nature lover,  I love flower I had pictures with Buttercup's, Rapeseeds, Lavenders and this time the Poppies . What a wonderful day spent with someone special in a magnificent view like this. Even Paul admire the place how beautiful it  is,  he even take selfies lol. After lots of photos taken we followed a footpath  to the West and we went for a wander,  we came across a lovely old arch made with bricks and big block of stones, looks like an old train tracks.



After our short walk, Paul decided to drive through Bewdley City Center. We passed along a  stunning bridge, and spoted people sat along the river side Pubs having a nice drink. So we decided to stop by and walk along the cobbled pavement by the river side, we then stumbled along a nice Pub Restaurant. 
The Mug House Inn & Angry Chef Restaurant,  has a quirky decor inside, no wonder its called Mug House coz the ceiling by the bar is full of hanging Mugs.


We spoted a table outside, we  order our drinks, Paul had a pint of Beer and I had a fruity Cider. The view is just breathaking, river view and nice cold drink  with a good company  it's just perfect to spent a beautiful sunny afternoon. As we cheers our glass for more beautiful road trip like this.

A random road trip with Paul ended up an enjoyable evening well spent together.

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