Monday, 29 September 2014

Why I didnt like Oslo Norway

It was rainy morning when we set off from Haugesund to Oslo. Oslo was once on my bucketlist list and here I am heading to the Norwegian Capital City. We took the ferry from Arsvagen Fergeterminal and crossed the Stavanger Fjords.

It was evening when we reached the Hostel about 10pm , the check in was quick and efficient, one minute I was in my room one bunkbed with en-suite bathroom and found out its only me occupying the whole room that was a bonus I had a proper sleep after a long tiring journey.

The following morning we head off to  Oslo Centrum. We went around to the touristy spots, infamous sculptured park,Royal Palace, and Opera House. When you dont have enough time to spend in Oslo and only have 12-24 hour is more than enough to see the landmarks. Having spent my time in different cities in Norway,  the capital City has disappointed me so bad. Nothing much to see there aside from the tall buildings, and a little bit of a seaview by the Opera House and so many construction areas everywhere from roadworks to building works, place is crowded with tourist.

Norwegian Trolls

The Vigeland Park

The Palace

The Opera House

To masked up the disappointment we decided in the evening we went across the road where theres a nearby bay area 5 minutes walk from our hostel and we had BBQ, not to mention with the stunning view of the marina, a quiet and calm place we had it on our own. What else could you asked for? What a lovely evening spent with friends. This has totally makes up the whole day going around Oslo.

It took me 3 months to start and write this blog about Oslo, I love Norway dont get me wrong, as much as I enjoyed Haugesund, Bergen and Stavanger the stunning views and my great experience was totally different from my time in Oslo my high expectation has disappoint me big time. I admit im not a big city fanatic, I love going to new places full of history, stunning architectural buildings and beautiful view, that Oslo didnt offer.My personal experience might be totally different from yours. I still love Norway and there are still places I wanted to visit, one day I will go back there but for sure never again in Oslo.

On your travels, is there a place you  built a high expectation and has totally disappoint you? If so where? And why? Will you go again and give another chance and explore in different ways?


  1. You may not have liked your visit to Oslo but your pictures are beautiful and the weather was definitely on your side - I mean, look at that beautiful blue sky with white puffy clouds!!

    Constance -

  2. To me its just ordinary city to stroll around, I did love my time in Bergen and Haugesund they are more beautiful I would say.