Sunday, 21 September 2014

Visiting the Hidden Gem of Stroud England

I have been to Stroud couple of times visiting friends but I didn't think anything special about it. Not until I saw a brochure about Stroud I didn't realised it has interesting place to explore. Stroud is located in South West of England in Gloucestershire County, situated in a beautiful countryside of rolling Cotswolds Hills.

Things to do in Stroud

Visit Museum 

Stratford House or The Museum in the park is full of Stroud local history. The museum entry is free but voluntary donations are welcome. The new part of the building is an art gallery that they feature different artist at a time. When I visited the musuem its the centenary exhibit of Laurie Lee his unseen drawings and paintings, a local man from Stroud an English poet, artist, novelist and screenwriter.

Picnic at Stratford Park

After visiting the museum head off to the park and enjoy the view, theres a small lake and look for a good spot for a picnic, feed the ducks, and theres even a platform for fishing activities.

Walking trails at the Park

Another option to do is go for a wander around the park, there are treks that lead to the woodlands and enjoy the nature. The shades from the tall tress to keep you refreshingly cool on sunny days and listen to the calming tweeting birds on your stroll, and there are locals you'll meet on your treks walking their dogs too.

Pub restaurant

If picnic is not your thing there's a pub just across the road or drive to Nailsworth its a neighbouring small town that lies on the Stroud valleys, only 10 minutes drive and head straight to The Egypt Mill its  an old mill converted into a pub restaurant. It is full of character the old mill is on display inside the pub and the outside view is beautiful, there's a stream outside that completes the scenic view. It has extensive range of delicious menu options and surely you'll enjoy your experience.

If you are in Cotswold area why not visit and discover the quaint town of Stroud.

Disclaimer: This article is my own personal review accordingly to my experience. 


  1. I've never been or head of Stroud but judging your photos, it looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Its often times look over but if you want a family day out its good place to visit.

  3. Thank you for sharing. My husband was born in Stroud and I can now see what a beautiful part of the world he came from.