Friday, 25 October 2013

Its Carribean Night

It's Friday night and time for food adventure. Carribean night sampling some exotic food. For the starter I ordered Marinades Jerk Chicken Roti which is a pieces of Jerk Chicken with Peppers and Onions in hot spicy Jamaican Jerk Sauce and wrapped in a warm Chakki Roti Bread. For main course I've choose Curry Goat a traditional Caribbean dish pieces of Goats leg and shoulder, some still on the bone, has been seasoned with a special blend of Caribbean curry spices and slowly cooked in the dutch pot until rich and tender, served with Sauteed Mixed Vegetables and Rice & Peas.For dessert homemade treacle tart with rich vanilla ice cream. Washed away with lovely Pinot Grigio Rosé and Lanson champagne . It's was a scrumptious meal and nice catch up with the girls.

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